The islands Elba, Capraia, Corsica and Sardinia are within sailing distance of Marina di Scarlino.

For this route, the term stages rather than days is used as this trip may change along the way according to winds and distances you like to sail each day.

Stage 1: Marina di Scarlino – Portoferraio (Elba)

harbour portoferraio elba first stop of the islands route dbg yacht charter

This leg will take you to Portoferraio, our first stop on the island of Elba.

After Napoleon was exiled to Elba in 1814, he made Portoferraio the capital of the island. Thanks to economic reformations he carried out, the city became profitable by shipping iron ore to the Italian mainland.

The two villas where Napoleon lived, San Martino and Villa dei Mulini, can still be visited today.

The center of this old city is built around the harbour and the bars and authentic restaurants in the area will make your visit even better.

When you organise your private sailing holiday in mid April, you can enjoy a food festival with octopus as the main theme called Polpando e gli antichi sapori.

portoferraio harbour elba island mediterranean sea islands route dbg charter

Fans of international jazz and classical music should book the yacht for a week in September. That’s because the festival Elba Isola Musicale d’Europa takes place in September.

Check the details of this international music festival on the official website.

Stage 2: Portoferraio – Porto Azzurro (Elba)

porto azzurro elba stop second day islands route sailing in the mediterranean

You can observe Elba’s beautiful nature and steep cliffs while you sail around the island. When northeast of Elba island, you can sail between the Isola Palmaiola with its ancient lighthouse and Isola Cèrboli.

The following video showcases Isola Cèrboli’s natural beauty:

Near these small islands, you can find perfect spots to anchor and go for a swim. Or you can take out the Williams jet tender and explore the shores from nearby.

After a satisfying day of island hopping, you arrive at the Porto Azzurro marina. This is a former fishing village protected by a bay. You can find the town square with its many restaurants right next to the marina.

Stage 3: Porto Azzurro – Marciana Marina (Elba)

This ancient town located between Monte Giove and Monte Perrone is the smallest town on Elba, covering only five square kilometres.

When staying for some time, make sure to visit the mountain villages Poggio and Marciana to get some amazing views over the Mediterranean.

A great place to have lunch or to have a drink is the La Dolce Vita Bar located in the tiny mountain village Poggio. The views over the island and the Marciana Marina are spectacular here.

You could also use the cable car to get to the top of Monte Capanne, the highest mountain of Elba. You can find the cable car in the municipality Pozzatello, just off the town centre of Marciana.

It’s a great adventure and you will enjoy the panoramic views over Elba, other islands of the Tuscan archipelago and the Mediterranean Sea.

marciana marina stage 3 islands route sailing with dbg charter

During the summer period, the nightlife at Marciana Marina is at its best. Enjoy a drink in one of the bars or have a delicious meal in one of the restaurants.

This village is known for its honest and delicious wines. Hence, you should definitely taste them.

Stage 4: Marciana Marina – Bastia (Corsica)

bastia port on corsica island vieux port stop stage 4 islands route dbg charter

We sail from Italy to France and arrive in Bastia, the main port and busy commercial centre of Corsica.

Take a walk from the Vieux Port to the citadel and stroll through the small streets of the city. When you are at the harbour on Saturday or Sunday morning, visit the traditional market on the main square on the Place du Marché.

A short walk from the city, you can find the 19th century chapel Notre Dame de Monserrato. This chapel is not very impressive from the outside but its interior is breathtaking.

Stage 5: Bastia – Porto di Capraia (Capraia)

Capraia is a small island off the Tuscan coast. Wine and anchovy fishery are the specialities of this tiny island. Call in advance to reserve a mooring place as there are only a few berths.

Near the port, one of the island’s three coastal watchtowers can be found. Next to this Torre del Porto, you will find the San Antonio church. The walk uphill is more than compensated by the astonishing view.

Seafood is the island’s speciality, so you can either go to a local restaurant or buy some fresh fish and cook it on the outside grill at the yacht’s stern.

The following video (filmed during a helicopter flight) showcases the incredible cliffs and bays of Capraia Island:

One of the boats on the video can actually be you on our sailing yacht!

Discovering this pearl in the Mediterranean together with friends and family has never been easier.

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Stage 6: Porto di Capraia – Marina di Scarlino

Sailing back to the home port after this astonishing Islands Route, you will have some time to reflect on the marvellous sights and experiences along the way.

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