The Italian Riviera Route will guide you alongside a beautiful part of the Ligurian coast and its many ports.

You can follow the day-to-day schedule (see below) or leave out some stops to better suit your tempo.

Why the Italian Riviera route?

vernazza village cinque terre riviera of the flowers sailing route ligurian riviera italy

The Italian Riviera, also known as Ligurian Riviera, is blessed with a wonderful shore which curves between Tuscany and France’s magnificent Côte d’Azur.

This region is also known as the coast of Liguria and consists of a western and an eastern sector:

  • Riviera di Ponente (western sector), and
  • Riviera di Levante (eastern sector)

The Riviera di Ponente consists of two subsectors:

  • The famous Riviera dei Fiori (the Riviera of the Flowers), and
  • The Riviera delle Palme

This intriguing region has style and unrivalled charm in its DNA. Its beaches border bright blue waters while its seaside towns exude a fancy old-world atmosphere.

Day 1: Porto Mirabello – Lavagna

En route to Lavagna, the Cinque Terre can easily be spotted in its totality.

manarola authentic village seaside cinque terre italian riviera route yacht hire liguria dbg charter

This region is listed as UNESCO World Heritage and comprises five villages:

  1. Monterosso al Mare,
  2. Vernazza,
  3. Corniglia,
  4. Manarola, and
  5. Riomaggiore

trail between manarola and riomaggiore national park cinque terre liguria sailing itinerary italian riviera

The beautiful sight is characterised by its steep cliffs with terraces, crowded with vineyards and olive trees, and the colourful houses of the picturesque villages.

Drop your anchor to have lunch with a wonderful view and take a swim before heading to Lavagna.

Day 2: Lavagna – Genoa

camogli sandy beach genoa italian riviera route sailing holidays mediterranean sea riviera of the flowers

Leave early to Genoa, the capital of Liguria and the second-largest port city of the Mediterranean.

This beautiful old town with its main street Via Garibaldi and its 16th-century palaces shows the wealth of the area. Definitely check out the official website Visit Genoa for more ideas.

The cathedral and lighthouse are definitely worth a visit as well. You can enjoy a large variety of restaurants in town offering something for everyone.

Day 3: Genoa – Varazze

italian riviera route brunch on deck day 3 from genoa to varazze dbg charter

The short trip to Varazze allows for a delicious brunch on deck.

After leaving the port, anchor the yacht for a swim or take out the optional jet tender and have some fun with the water toys.

After mooring in Varazze, have an aperitif on deck or go for a walk in the village and discover the typical Italian restaurants.

Day 4: Varazze – Santa Margherita Ligure (and Portofino)

Depart in the morning to get the most out of our next stop. Upon arrival, take the optional jet tender out or take a taxi boat to Portofino.

This natural harbour was once a fishing village but its colourful houses now hold many glamorous shops.

harbour of portofino italian riviera route sailing holiday italy

Hike to the top of the mountain where the St Giorgio church can be found and enjoy the magnificent view.

Afterwards, treat yourself to a well-deserved, delicious Italian gelato.

Day 5: Santa Margherita Ligure – Portovenere

Take a morning walk in the Santa Margherita Ligure village to buy some delicious breakfast and some focaccia as an appetiser later on.

Leave for Portovenere and look for a nice spot to anchor the yacht. Now you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and a refreshing morning swim together with your friends and family.

Portovenere, your destination for today, is quite small but very popular.

portovenere with delicious restaurants italian riviera route with private yacht charter dbg charter

You can get some fresh seafood and cook it on the outside grill at the stern of the yacht.

Alternatively, you could also enjoy a local specialty dish in one of the delicious restaurants. We suggest that you book a table in advance at the start of this round trip or even earlier when in high season.

Day 6: Portovenere – Porto Mirabello

Before leaving Portovenere, you can visit the village and walk over to the St. Peter’s church.

The view over the Mediterranean is absolutely beautiful here. The aerial footage of the following video says more than a thousand words…

Sail around the islands Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto to see the ruins of the 11th-century San Venerio abbey and the Madonna Bianca statue.

Take out the jet tender to visit Palmaria or make a tour towards Tuscany before returning to the home port.

The Italian Riviera Route ends in the Porto Mirabello marina in La Spezia.

The town of La Spezia is, without a doubt, worth a visit as well.

Endless sailing possibilities

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