With these 5 tips you can enjoy a COVID-19-proof sailing holiday along the Tuscan coast and islands. Book your holiday charter now before it’s too late and enjoy the wonderful Italian sun!

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1) By plane or by car?

If you choose the fastest option and travel to Italy by plane, it is wise to bring sufficient protective equipment. Keep in mind that most airlines only allow disposable mouth masks. Take some extra with you in your hand luggage so you can change your mask after the flight. Hand gel and wet wipes are also indispensable for a safe flight.

Traveling to Italy by car takes a little longer but is doable and offers extra protection. After all, you are already moving in your bubble. Also consider mouth masks and hand gel for visits to petrol stations (or charging stations*). Bring your picnic to avoid unnecessary or unnecessarily long stops.

* There are more than enough charging stations or Tesla Superchargers on the way.

2) Good agreements make good friends

Ask what measures are taken by the charter company to start your sailing holiday COVID-free. Will the boat be completely disinfected? What does the charterer expect from the tenants and vice versa? Communication is more important than ever in the fight against COVID-19.

Choosing a luxury charter with people who speak your own language is choosing a holiday without worries. Renting the “Hanse 588” sailing yacht with DBG Charter is renting from Belgians with a passion for sailing.


3) Hygiene on board

Ensure good hygiene on board by, among other things, regularly washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces. Will a skipper come along? Ask in advance whether a Corona (quick-) test will be performed. Is there a separate accommodation for the skipper? DBG uno –the Hanse 588 sailing yacht from DBG charter– has a dedicated skipper cabin with its own sanitary facilities and separate access.

Ventilation is important. This cannot be a problem on deck. Everything below deck usually remains closed to allow the air conditioning, which is necessary at Italian summer temperatures, to work optimally. Remember to ventilate all rooms at regular intervals.

4) In ‘isolation’ along and on beautiful islands

harbour portoferraio elba first stop of the islands route dbg yacht charter

Life on board a ship is in any case quite isolated from the outside world. You can choose to limit setting foot on land by stocking up on enough food in advance and anchoring instead of mooring in a harbor.

However, many ports and coastal cities in Tuscany are worth a visit. So opt for a sailing trip along the beautiful Tuscan islands of Elba (where to Napoleon was banished) and Capraia, or travel a little further towards Corsica and Sardinia. View our mapped out island route and dream away!

5) Space and comfort

After months of being locked up at home under all kinds of COVID restrictions, a holiday with space and comfort is more than welcome. On a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean you can enjoy the vast space that the sea has to offer. A spacious and comfortable sailing yacht is guaranteed to provide that extra touch of holiday feeling!

Book your sailing holiday on our “Hanse 588” in good time so that you will not be faced with surprises when the COVID measures are eased and enjoy the wonderful Italian sun to the full this summer. In the unlikely event the Italian COVID-19 measures prohibit your booked sailing holiday with us, the amount paid will be fully refunded.

Book an extra week and enjoy a 20% discount on the 2nd week.